Exponential Impact

Commercial Office
Colorado Springs

Exponential Impact (XI) is a new incubator ‘hub’ located in Colorado Springs providing supportive programs, mentorship, and workspace for emerging technology and security-driven startups. The existing 9,000 s.f. space boasted exposed concrete floors, steel structure, 14ft ceilings, walls of east facing windows, and a myriad of conduit, plumbing, data, and HVAC haphazardly traversing the ceiling.
Multiple diameter sized cardboard tubes, [literally] over 1 mile in total length, were used to create dimension between the ceiling and wall elements throughout the project and make sense of [and hide] the existing haphazard systems. Light fixtures and felt privacy curtains were layered within the new tubes. Painted tubes provide direction and wayfinding to important areas of the space [restrooms, drinking fountains, and the beer tap at the kitchen (of course)], while a majority were left in unfinished kraft paper form [sealed for cleanability] and used for division of space and privacy.