Wild Goose Meeting House

Realization May 24, 2013



Downtown, Colorado Springs




The Wild Goose Meeting House is a community based coffee shop in downtown Colorado Springs. Not only did this project transform a defunct ink cartridge refilling store into a vibrant life filled cafe, it transformed the way Colorado Springs residents viewed coffee, craft and an entire portion of downtown.

A Gathering Place

Echo Architecture was fortunate enough to have been involved in the execution of this local craft inspired coffee house and café. The Wild Goose Meeting House is located in Downtown Colorado Springs and offers a trifecta of artisan beverages (3rd wave coffee, fine wine, and craft beer) accompanied by a seasonal menu of freshly prepared offerings, local catered desserts, and live local music.

Taking an existing, defunct ink cartridge retail space, Echo transformed this non-descript store to fulfill the multi-functional needs of the Client. The large community table encourages interaction among the patrons while the lounge and smaller tables allow others to enjoy the space in their own way.


Utilizing the clients extensive collection of books, and the existing buildings exposed 2×10 rafters Echo designed a simple organization system that wraps the entire space. Artistically arranged books line the custom shelving that wraps down from the existing rafters, adding character to the raw eclectic café. Steel, concrete, wood, local art and the lively patrons combine to complete the aesthetic.

Echo was so committed to the execution of this design that we offered to pour the concrete countertops. In two very long and intense days Echo constructed the forms, applied the reinforcing, mixed the cement, poured the concrete, set them in place, ground, sealed and polished them, just days before the grand opening.

To this day “The Goose” is a community hub and gathering space that continues to affect their patrons, and our City, in a positive and impactful way.

Photographs by Richard Seldomridge