USA Basketball

Realization Jan 29, 2019



Downtown, Colorado Springs




USA Basketball (USAB), long time residents of Colorado Springs, recently moved their office to the main level of the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) building in the heart of downtown Colorado Springs. This allowed them to increase their presence within the community and create an Olympic caliber office space. USAB chose Colorado Springs as their headquarters years ago and now they have a space that expresses who they are to the City.

Second Space

The building started life in 1913 as a 3-story department store, before being transformed into the 6-story USOC headquarters in the early 2000’s. The main level tenant space consists of three separate suites (one unfinished, a mortgage office, and sandwich shop), all at varying floor heights.  Upon combining the spaces and connecting all floor levels with a series of low-slope ramps, 11,800 s.f. of raw exposed space with floods of natural light and high volume was left.

USAB desired a modern space with private and open office areas, and flexible pockets to break out for work and fun.  A series of glass enclosed private offices set towards the interior of the space, while open office zones and break-out areas hug the perimeter allowing all employees ample access to natural light.  Conference rooms and the Break Room connect to the open areas with glazed overhead doors; connecting the entire office visually and, when open, physically.  Staff is now able to gather together in the same area to work, collaborate, and play.

The Lobby takes the game of basketball quite literally; with a maple sports court, free-throw lines, and an official basketball hoop.  This concept continues as the maple turns 90 degrees, wrapping up the wall and then overhead; welcoming visitors and staff alike by enveloping them in 270 degrees of basketball court.  The slatted wall protrudes to display one of a kind shoes, frames 4 large flat-screen televisions, and gaps for LED lighting fixtures above.  Concrete ‘bleachers’ are framed between existing columns and allow staff to gather and watch the big games.

Private offices are marked by display niches, each with an official Olympic jersey and pair of shoes, while a shelf at a 10’  high datum (a continuous line starting from the Lobby basketball hoop) wraps the entire space providing curated display area for USAB’s extensive collection of Olympic memorabilia.

Photographs by Richard Seldomridge