Loyal Coffee

Realization Mar 11, 2016



Downtown Colorado Springs




Loyal Coffee is a barista owned and operated specialty coffee shop dedicated to creating a full five-sense experience for patrons through a beautiful space to work, relax, and connect with community.

Elevated Design + Approachability

2017 ASID Crystal Award

2017 IIDA Best Award
Merit, Eat + Drink

The 1,300 s.f. Tenant Finish project inhabits and preserves the memory of a portion of a 100-year old bread factory; the remainder occupying a new “vanilla shell” addition. Intention of the space reflects that of its owners and employees—raising the bar of design, craft, coffee, and service while being innovative and fiercely “loyal” to the community.

Reminiscent of the “Japanese Modernism” branding direction provided by the Owners and their Branding Studio, the rope ceiling emphasizes the pattern of the roof trusses, supports the shelving and signage, while adding visual, textural, and olfactory experiences for the users. This feature was executed and installed by the Owners. Therefore, we developed the prototype in-house to determine the most appropriate installation method.

“They honored who we were as a company and implemented their own creativity and innovation. At Loyal Coffee we believe our world is better when community is at the core of what we do, and this project represents that idea.”

Tyler Hill, Loyal Coffee

Way-finding and place-making is defined by the classic black and white oversized hexagonal tile that first welcomes you to the space, with a nod to Colorado Springs, CO, then guides you through the experience. Flexible gathering areas surround the circulation path; ranging from custom-built community tables, to cozy booths and solo “cubbies” under a canopy of vegetation. Walnut and concrete tiered seating, complete with pull out stump chair/tables, span from inside-out through a large, glazed overhead door, providing space for individuals to sprawl out on a slow day and promoting interaction during bustling hours.

A CNC milled walnut art piece adorns the wall and echoes the Loyal brand and mountainous backdrop of the city. All of this is pulled together through common brass accents, designed to patina and wear over time, added subtly through fixtures, floating shelf brackets, and trim pieces as a contrasting layer to a classic and timeless palette of materials.

Photographs by Richard Seldomridge