Gabion Apartments

Realization Mar 3, 2020



Westside, Colorado Springs




The Gabion Apartments is a modern and sustainable, 20-unit apartment building located on a formerly undeveloped infill lot in the inner Westside of Colorado Springs.

Quality Urban Living

2017 AIA 10 Awards
People’s Choice

The Gabion Apartments was the first multi-family infill project in central Colorado Springs in over 40 years.  The building is a 3-story, 20 unit, 27,000 s.f. apartment building with special attention given to the neighborhood, natural environment, and incredible views.  The project was designed with sustainability in mind being Energy Star and Water Sense Certified, super-insulated, and is in close proximity to the amazing things Colorado Springs has to offer.  The building is connected to the greater City through pedestrian paths, biking and hiking trail systems, and provides private parking (outdoor and in built-in garages) for those that choose to drive.  The site is xeriscaped, filters stormwater through a series of bioswales, and integrates the namesake gabion walls through signage, retaining, and screen walls.

“It is nice to be the owner of one of the best buildings in Colorado Springs. The tenants that live at The Gabion continually comment on the modern design, usable space and the great finishes.”

Charles Cothern, Owner of the Gabion Apartments

The design of the building takes its cues from the existing commercial buildings on either side, both of which share mid-century modern design aesthetic. With this in mind, the Gabion has large windows, indoor/outdoor living opportunities, and angular balcony projections on the corners. The simple material palette of brick, stucco, wood and metal has much in common with its older neighbors while being detailed in a way that is purely 21st century. The overall building mass was broken down into three volumes in order to make each apartment home more individualistic and help the building scale relate more closely with the single family and duplex homes across the street.

All 20 units were pre-leased months before construction was complete.  The building has changed the western skyline of the City and was instrumental in proving the market demand for quality urban residential units in Colorado Springs.

Photographs by Richard Seldomridge