Gabion Apartments

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Location: 676 W Monument St, Colorado Springs, Colorado, Completed 2015

The Gabion Apartments was the first multi-family infill project in central Colorado Springs in over 40 years.  The structure is a 3-story, 20 unit, 27,000 s.f. apartment building with special attention given to the neighborhood, natural environment, and incredible views.  The project was designed with sustainability in mind being Energy Star and Water Sense certified, super-insulated, and close to everything Colorado Springs has to offer.  The building is connected to the greater City through pedestrian paths, biking and hiking trail systems, and provides private parking (outdoor and in built-in garages) for those that choose to drive.  The site is xeriscaped, filters stormwater through a series of bioswales, and integrates the namesake gabion walls through signage, retaining, and screen walls.  An appropriate mix of materials allowed for the clean, streamlined vision to be achieved on a budget feasible for the Client group.  All 20 units were pre-leased months before construction was complete.  The building has changed the western skyline of the City and has proven the market for urban infill residential, and now over 200 units are in construction downtown as a result.


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